Pregnancy places extra nutritional demands on a woman’s body. Optimal nourishment during these 9 months can have a profound impact on the health of both you and your baby. Learn which foods and nutrients are important (and safe) so you can enjoy this special time.


With all the focus on the baby, mom’s nutritional needs are often overlooked. Whether you would like to get back to a healthy weight or are wondering what additional nutrients are needed after having a baby and for nursing, I’m┬áhere to help.

Starting Solids

Feeding your baby his or her first solids is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. I’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge to ensure your baby gets the nutrients that he or she needs and builds healthy lifelong eating habits.

Toddler & School-Aged Kids

Are mealtime battles a regular thing in your household? Family meals should be pleasurable, not stressful. Together we’ll come up with some feeding solutions to reduce frustration and help get your child back on track.

“I have had the pleasure of using Caitlin’s services on two occasions, one to deal with some of the challenges of feeding a two year old and another time to prepare to introduce solids to a 6 month old. In both sessions, Caitlin was able to provide supportive advice and ideas as well as reassurance that I had been doing a good job so far, which was helpful to hear. I look forward to using her services again in the future.” – A.S.